Maruyama Grow Out Contest 2021

Maruyama Grow Out Contest
High quality Jumbo Tosai Kohaku 25-32cm. 

All with breeder certificates.

£350.00 each

How does the contest and selection process work ?

As previous years. A name will be drawn, then the photo of a Koi drawn. All at random.  Simple and fair for everyone. This saves one person getting the pick of the whole batch, and one person only getting the choice of one Koi. Slightly unfair! 

Draw Date – TBC (In May hopefully)

Collect your koi, or have it delivered. Get it home, get it growing and developing. At the end of October I’ll ask everyone to send in photos and measurements of their Koi. Please try to get the best photo possible, in portrait format and in a blue bowl. 

The winner will be judged by Futoshi Maruyama himself, awarding the prize to what he sees as the best quality Koi. Growth is irrelevant, so those with unheated ponds can compete too!

Winner receives a £350.00 Gift Voucher

We will also set up a poll on Facebook, to award a “Peoples Choice” Award. Winner of this will receive a 15kg bag of FD Build Up. 

Visit the website now to purchase and get your name on the list! Only 26 spaces available.

The Koi that are part of the competition are below.

Those that are participating will be contacted in due course.

Good luck!

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