The 4th Queni Koi Winter Event – The Koi

Here are all of the Koi that will for sale as part of the Winter Event.

Majority of these will be for sale on the website from 1st of December.

Among these there are also Koi that will be auctioned off throughout the month of December.
To register and take part in the auctions please visit here to register.
Auctions take place here

All Koi in the event are available for viewing in the shop. Please respect our COVID-19 guidelines while visiting.

Koi Purchasing T&C’s
– Koi Under £500 should be paid for in full
– Koi Over £500 you may leave a 50% deposit on. During checkout, choose pay by telephone and complete the order. Then either call the shop, or send the required amount via PayPal to
– All Koi in the event can be held here till April 1st free of charge. £25 per week per koi keeping fee from 1st of April.
– If a Koi dies in our care after purchase we will refund any monies paid.
– If a Koi damages itself/severely loses quality while in our care we will offer a credit note.
– Koi are kept at 15c throughout winter and are minimally fed.
– Should you want to take your Koi sooner than April 1st, you are more than welcome to. Your pond should be at least 15c.
– Loyalty points are awarded once you take your Koi home.
– Most Koi have been sexed to the best of our knowledge, if we don’t know the sex, then it’ll say unknown. There are no guarantees regarding gender.

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