Mukashi Grow Out Results!

Thank you to those that took part in our Marudo Mukashi Grow out competition.

The deadline has passed for entering your results, and I have now compiled a list of your results.

The prize is a £150.00 gift voucher and is awarded to the person that achieved the biggest growth. Not necessarily the biggest fish, but the koi that has grown the most from it’s original size.

In 3rd place we have Richard Nice, his Mukashi started out at 34cm, and grew to 58cm! A whopping 24cm growth. Great result!

In 2nd place we have Scott Glasby, his Mukashi started out at 30cm, and grew to 56cm. Growth of 26cm. Nice going Scott!

In 1st place… we have Simon Church. Starting out at 33cm, his grew a huge 28cm to 61cm! Huge congrats to Simon for achieving this in his pond. Simon hasn’t got the biggest pond by any means but his result is a testament to his koi keeping skills.

A bonus prize will be awarded to a certain someone, I won’t mention their name just incase they don’t want me to. But they’ll be awarded a Bonus Prize of 2kg of Premium Growth. Unfortunately their Koi only grew 4cm!

Congratulations to everyone that took part.

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