Winter Grow and Show Results

Better late than never! Thanks to those that took part in our Kobayashi Shiro Utsuri Winter Grow and Show.

The results are now in.

Due to the delay, I thought It would be good to add some extra prizes for you all!

The original prize still stands as the “Number 1 Shiro” the nature of this award is tricky to judge and is done by criteria met on the day.
The winner of this award wins the Shiro Utsuri that we’ve been growing on here at Queni Koi. In addition to the above we also have a “Best Tategoi” award. These two awards have been kindly judged by the breeder himself, Naoto Kobayashi.

The main prize is now 51cm, and looking in good nick. Growing very well over the Winter and into early Summer this year.

I’ve also added in a “Members Choice” award. The members choice has been awarded according to a Facebook poll carried out on the Queni Koi Keepers group whereby the Koi picture with the most likes wins.

A big thanks goes to Naoto Kobayashi from Marusen/Kobayashi Koi Farm for selecting the winners.

Firstly though, here are all of the entrants with comparative photos. Left being the original photo, the 2nd being the updated photo.

The winners are as follows…

Winner of the main prize goes to Robbie Griffiths! (Robbie also won Members choice with 26 likes so will receive a bonus prize of 5kg JPD Shogun)

Winner of the Best Tategoi goes to Jonas Van Hulle with this interesting Shiro, that’ll no doubt go on to continue developing well. Kobayashi-san was a big fan of it! Jonas wins a bonus prize of a £50.00 voucher to put towards a new koi purchase.

Thank you to everyone that took part, out of the 30 koi we had 27 final entrants. Well done all!

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