Filter Upgrade 3,500 Gallon pond

Having being built around 4 years ago this pond was set up on a sieve and bead format. One that has never really worked for this customer. Having constant issues with flow and high maintenance having to keep on top of the sieve, the client had decided to visit us and talk about improving the set up and upgrading to one of our Combi units.


After discussing the set up and running through how everything works a QK35 Combi was installed. A season later the customer decided to add a maxi shower to the set up to aid in biological filtration. This pond holds around 24 fish up to 75cm and has superb water clarity all year round. In the customer own words this was the best thing he had ever done to the pond to upgrade the filtration system. They are now able to enjoy the pond and koi more.

Full spec:

  • 3,500 Gallon pond
  • QK35 Combi with 150l Micro K1
  • 2 x 4″ inlets
  • Maxi shower
  • 30,000 + 10,000 Aqua Forte Variable pumps
  • 80W Submersible UV
  • Duratech 7+ ASHP
  • Charles Austin air pumps for bio and bottom drain

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