The Queni Koi Winter Event 2020 – Part 1

Welcome to the Queni Koi Winter Event. 

The Queni Koi Winter Event is back by popular demand. Once again we’ll be hosting our Winter Event. 9th of February 2020, kicking off at 10am. This event is open to all so please invite your Koi friends along.

Throughout the post you’ll see some photos from last years event. Thanks to Paul Dolan for the excellent photos.


Taking place in-store on Sunday the 9th of February. The event is based around a Japanese Style Koi Open Sale that includes many koi at exclusive prices. As well as the Open Sale we will have many other Koi on offer including new Koi recently purchased on our Autumn buying trip to Japan. Dry goods will be on offer including filtration, food, pumps, plumbing, treatments and everything else. See the following blog posts for more information.


We have arranged for a local Hog Roast catering company to provide a Hog Roast lunch, Vegetarian options, sweets, cakes and refreshments. We’re pleased to announce that this year we will have a large marquee on site. Most of you will be able to take a seat under cover and enjoy your lunch. Fingers crossed the weather is on our side, if it’s not we’ll have plenty of room for everyone inside the shop and marquee.



The Day

Arriving early is recommended and ensures you have plenty of time to view the Koi on offer.


  • 10:00am – Doors Open. Viewing starts.
  • 12:30pm – Viewing of Open Sale Koi ends.
  • 13:00pm – Lunch to include Hog Roast, Sweets & Refreshments, Vegetarian Options.
  • 14:00pm – Draw for Open Sale Koi begins
  • 14:15pm – Draw for Open Sale Koi ends
  • 14:30pm – Draw for Filtration Raffle Sale begins
  • 14:45pm – Draw for Filtration Raffle Sale ends
  • 16:00pm – Doors Close
    (Timings may differ slightly)

Throughout the day you may buy any other Koi and products you wish.

There are koi are available to purchase outside of the Open Sale, these are on a first come first served basis as normal.

The main feature of the Event is our Japanese Style Open Sale and our Filtration Raffle Sale. Specific Koi have been selected and will be on display all with very attractive prices. One model of each of our filtration units will have a very special one-off price as part of the Filtration Raffle which works the same way as the Japanese Style Open Sale for the Koi (more information on this in future blog posts)

Japanese Style Koi Open Sale Koi

The Japanese Style Koi Open Sale contains specially selected Koi varying from £100.00 up to £3,495.00.

If you want to purchase any of these Koi you must arrive before 12:30pm in order to be involved.

If you wish to take part in the Open Sale but you can’t attend the event, please send an email to with the Koi you would like to purchase. I can then enter you for said Koi.


How does it work?

Koi in the Japanese Style Open sale will be available to view prior to the event. On our Facebook page, Website and in-store.

Click here to view the Open Sale Koi

On the day Koi will be displayed in blue show vats. Each Koi will have a corresponding photo with its details and price attached.

Arriving at the event you will be allocated a set of counters, each counter has a number on it. These numbers are allocated to yourself only. This is to keep purchasing anonymous.

Rules are as follows, please read carefully.

How to purchase –

  • If you wish to purchase a Koi, place one of your counters in the wallet attached to the photo of the Koi.
  • Once viewing is complete we will collate all of the photos/counters for each Koi.
  • A draw will then take place for each of the Koi, starting with the most expensive. Should there be multiple counters a winning counter will be chosen at random. The winning person is the one to purchase said Koi. If there is only one counter in the draw, that person wins by default.

Placing counters on multiple Koi increases your chances of winning a Koi. When you do win a Koi you have the option to withdraw from future lots (make sure to keep note of which koi you have gone for). We understand you may not able to purchase all of the Koi you have selected.

For example, you win Lot A for £500.00 but then realise you may not be able to afford Lot B, C and D. These counters can be withdrawn. If opting out, please approach a member of staff prior to the next draw being called out. Keep note of which Koi you have chosen.

For those that place multiple counters on a single Koi, or counters gained via a relative, these will be withdrawn. Prior to the draw counters will be verified to make sure there is only one per person/party. Play fair!

Koi Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Should you win a Koi, you may take the Koi home on the day or leave the Koi at our premises till the end of March free of charge. To take a Koi home on the day your pond must be at least 14 degrees and be paid for in full. If leaving the Koi with us until March, Koi up to £1,000.00 must be paid in full. If the Koi is over £1,000.00, a 50% deposit is required to secure the Koi.
  • Sold Koi that stay with us till Spring will be kept in their designated ponds with minimal feed, to ensure perfect water quality and health of the Koi.
  • Koi that aren’t collected/delivered by the end of March will incur a £20 per week holding charge regardless of size/cost.
  • Delivery is £25 per box, multiple Koi can fit in a box subject to size and quality.
  • In the extremely rare event of your Koi becoming ill or dying while in our care till March. We will offer a 100% credit to be spent on anything else.
  • We reserve the right to allow people to purchase these koi at their full RRP prior to the event.

For the Koi that do not sell on the day at the event, we will allow a period of 7 days for people to purchase these Koi online. This will be on a first come first served basis.

In the following blog posts, you’ll see Koi available as part of our winter event.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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