Pond Build – 6,000 Gallons

From it’s design to it’s completion the idea with this pond was to compliment it’s surroundings, adding to the peaceful setting and satisfying the owners love for Koi. The owner wanted a pond that essentially looked after itself with everything being fully automated. The only option for this pond was Drum filtration.

The pond and filter pit was built using 9″ H blocks, which were reinforced with steel rods and back filled with concrete ensuring a “bomb proof” construction. The outside was finished off with bricks and for waterproofing we used black fibreglass.

In total there are four Spindrifter Bottom drains, and one 4″ gravity fed skimmer. These inlets fed into one QK65 Drum, our largest stock model. From the drum the water passes into a QK450 Bio Chamber containing 450 litres of Micro K1 to ensure the water quality stayed perfect and could cope with a large bio load of Koi. An 80w Submersible UV was fitted into the drum and the system ran on two Aquaforte DM-Vario Pumps.

Being a new build the inlet pipework was configured to allow minimal bends and pipework which maximises the flow from each line. Out of the ground and into the drum perfectly inline. It takes some planning as this needs to be done before the concrete bases are poured, well worth the extra thought.

With everything in place the smaller bits were added to the filter pit. A 20″ Dechlorinator for the fresh water feed, air pump to power bottom drains and bio chambers and an auto top up box to allow the fresh water in when needed. The electrics were positioned around the outside of the filter pit where they are easily accessed.

A very simple yet effective set up. The finished pond below.


A few months later we were able to go back to the pond to check everything was running okay. The vegetation around the pond had come into bloom, fish added and seating area added.

A beautiful pond with stunning surroundings.

Job done!

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