Japan Live – Final Day

Our last day here in Niigata selecting Koi we were still on a mission. The intensity of the trip hadn’t let up at all over the 2 weeks. We still needed more Koi, and more Koi we got. We did feel a little fragile this morning but our compulsory 711 stop for Coffee and snacks soon had us back to normal and ready for the day. 

First thing we drove to the Koide region once again to visit Takahashi. Always worth a look here for very well priced smaller Nisai. Cherry picking out of the various ponds we managed a nice selection of Kohaku, Sanke and also a few other varieties. These are really well priced and prove unbeatable value for quality. I wanted a lot more koi from here, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I think next time we’ll try arrange a visit with Takahashi soon after a harvest. I’d happily fill a whole pond of these back at the shop. 

Making our way back to Hoshikin (Again). I had to get a photo of the Showa we bought over dinner last night. I couldn’t live with myself If all I had was an iPhone video of her! Proper photo and video done. She looks amazing. I hope she has a good winter, and an even better summer next year. Katsuyuki predicts she’ll be 82-85cm. We shall see! Filling up the big 1.2m bowl full of water. She behaved very well for her photo session. While the big bowl was out, I managed to photo our Tancho we bought a few days back also. Saying our final goodbyes to Katsuyuki we jumped in the car and hit the road to our next destination.

Showa 75cm and Tancho 69cm.

A short drive away we visited Keiko at Marudo we didn’t waste any time here and started netting fish from the pond we scouted out yesterday. I’m pretty sure I managed to get the ones I saw the previous day, either way. The Koi that were bowled were great. The quality and bodies were fantastic. 6 purchased and I don’t think these will be available for long. Photos and videos done. (Update: 3 sold within 10 minutes).

While photographing, out of the corner of my eye I kept looking at a Maruten Sanke that was in a Female mixed price pond. Turning off the air to the pond I manage to get a better look at it. Pointing it our to Keiko she mentioned it was reserved and that she should hear back from the customer tomorrow. She kindly bowled the Koi for me anyway and quote a price. Another great price! Oya surprised me yesterday, Keiko surprised me even more! I really hope I get this. Tomorrow at the airport we should hear back. Fingers crossed. Heres a video in the meantime.

(Update: This is now ours!)

We had one more stop of the trip, and in keeping true with past trips. There was only one place we could finish. Yagenji of course. Photographing and videoing the Koi we had bought last week, I was over the moon with these. I’d almost forgotten about them! Some cracking Showas for the money, Kikusui, Asagi, Gin Rin Sanke, Gin Rin Kohaku and two beautiful Akame Female Karashigoi from their highly sought after bloodline.

With the sun setting in Niigata, we drove up to a well known view point. In the distance, various mud ponds, fish houses, mountain ranges, forests and quaint Japanese houses. A nice way to finish one of our most successful Autumn trips to date.


Please check the website over the next couple of days as I still have the Yagenji and Takahashi Fish to get on the website. Big thank you to all of the readers. Without your positive comments I’d find it really hard to do the blogs. Even though it’s extremely time consuming I love sharing our trips with all of you. You keep me going!

Arigatou gozaimashita!

Till next time folks !

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