Winter Grow and Show 2019/2020

Winter Grow and Show 2019/2020

For those of you wanting to take part in the Winter Grow and Show here is what you need to know, any questions please ask or simply call up.

Key points are:

– Draw date is the 17th of November
– Koi are £100.00 each, 2 for £180.00 or 3 for £240.00
– 30 places available.
– End photos to be sent in around April time.
– Winner chosen on overall quality.
– Prize will be a Kobayashi Shiro Utsuri which will be grown on at QK. Estimate it will be 40-45cm. (pictured below) RRP of £695.00
– Draw process is numbers out of a hat.
– Online purchasers delivery to be made that same week (delivery is £25 extra).
– Koi will be kept at 15c.
– Payment needed prior to the day to secure you’re spot(s).

Payment can be made by PayPal or by ringing the shop.

Those that can’t be there on the day can have their koi delivered or collect from store.

How the draw works – 

– Entrants names are read out in random order.
– A number will then be drawn at random.
– The number corresponds to the particular Koi you’ll be taking home. Fair for everyone and ensures people that can’t be here on the day can play too!

In April 2020, I’ll call for all entrants to send in their photos.

A winner will be chosen which will be based on overall quality. Growth isn’t a factor here, simply the quality of it which means anyone can win as Shiro’s can change so much.

Here is the prize for the competition, currently 36cm. I estimate this will be around the 40-45cm mark when the competition ends. This Shiro shows great attributes and expect it to get even better over the coming months. Koi of this quality would sell for around the £695 mark.


Here are the competition Koi, all will be numbered. These range from 22 to 28cm.

If you’d like to take part, please get in touch! Spaces are being taken up relatively quickly so if you want to take part don’t hesitate.
0116 267 7053

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