Filter Upgrade – 10,000 gallon pond

Late 2016 a local customer came to us with ideas for upgrading his Pond filtration. Initially this pond was installed with two Nexus filters and one Cetus sieve.

The customer found maintaining these units simply did not fit his lifestyle. Any time he could spare for the pond meant he was cleaning filters, not enjoying his beautiful pond and garden.

Below shows the pond after initial construction with Nexus filters in place.


We visited the pond to carry out an initial assessment and made a plan of action. The pond totalled 10,000 gallons, with two bottom drains, a skimmer, and waterfall. The original filters were taken out and was replaced with a QK35 Combi and QK150 Bio Chamber.

Both bottom drains and skimmer fed into the QK35 Combi, then the QK150 Bio was added for additional biological filtration. The Combi was fitted with two 40w QK Amalgam UV’s. Making use of the original Sequence pumps, taking out the original filters and in-line U.V’s. The flow around the pond increased hugely which meant the waterfall performed much better, as well as the bottom drains and skimmer staying cleaner.


Over the past year the customer’s confidence has increased immensely with optimum water quality and clarity. A handful of stunning new Koi additions were purchased.

Photos below show the pond at varying times throughout the year. The last two photos show how the pond is today with the surrounding vegetation matured and really complimenting the pond.

– 10,000 gallons
– QK35 Combi
– QK150 Bio Chamber
– 2 x 40w QK U.V’s
– 2 x Sequence 12,000’s
– 1 x Sequence 15,000’s





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