Yorkshire Section BKKS 2019 Koi Show

Last weekend saw the Yorkshire Section BKKS 2019 koi show take place.

Based just outside of Doncaster the show saw 150+ Koi split over 25 vats.


Getting bigger and better every year, this show is proving to be increasingly popular with it’s members from the club and visitors from afar.

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Paul McLennan for winning Adult Champion with his Hoshikin Kohaku. This Koi was selected by us in Spring 2017 as Tosai of around 30cm. Grown to 41cm at the shop, Paul purchased the Kohaku at our 2018 Winter Event (January 2018).

Having cared for it for the past 18 months, Paul has taken it to 57cm.

Photoed here below as Tosai, then again at Nisai.


41cm F.JPG


Taking any major award at a show is extremely good going, this particular Koi would have been competing against koi between 55 and 65cm. Being only 57cm, it’s qualities must have really stood out to the judges for it to take Adult Champion.

Unfortunately I don’t have a “proper” photo of it at the show, so you’ll have to make do with a photo Paul managed earlier in the year.

Big Congrats again, a very good achievement! Good Koi, and great keeping skills.


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