Spring 2019 – Day I

A great turn around from the airport up to Nagaoka, Niigata meant we were on the way to our first breeder of the trip for 1pm. Feeling the jet lag set in, we fuelled up on Coffee and snacks in the car to see us through.


Heading straight up into the mountains we met up with Yagenji to select through his Tosai. Deciding which pond we wanted to choose from we didn’t waste any time getting the net in. Netting up the pond of around 600 Koi, we whittled it down to 80 Koi. A huge mix of variety, Asagi, Gin Rin Showa, Showa, Kikusui, Kohaku, Benigoi, Shiro Utsuri, Gin Rin Kohaku, Goshiki plus many others. These will be available to select once back in the U.K. and through Q.T 

Having made an appointment at Maruhiro we hopped in the car and made the short 5 minute journey down the winding roads to the main fish house. Starting with coffee Maruhiro-san was eager to know how our winter event day went, he was pleased so hear it was a great success and said we should do more events! Funnily enough he then started mentioning many Koi he has for us. A true salesman is Maruhiro! Into the fish house he went, he had just brought some Nisai from another fish house he wished to offer us and select which ones we wanted. A range of variety, I settled on 9 koi in total to make a box, Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Gin Rin Kohaku and a nice Ki Utsuri. Prices were extremely good, shame he didn’t have hundreds of this quality and price! Maybe another day. These are on the website at £295.00 each for a limited time. 


As well as selecting a handful of Nisai we managed to buy 80 Tosai Tateshita. Very nice quality and a mix of Go-Sanke and Kawarimono. Again, these will be available once back in the U.K. Unfortunately no video as the water was so green!

Maruhiro the salesman hadn’t finished with us. He must have heard us mutter the word Chagoi to each other. Next thing you know there’s 10 Chagoi in the bowl, all very clean with big bodies. These were Nisai, 50-60cm and female. One by one Koi were rejected till there were 3 in the bowl. Great frames, colour and size. These are going to make very good sized Sansai. One may even find its way into the grow on pond at the shop. All priced on the website currently. 


Managing to leave Maruhiros clutches, we drove to Hirashin. Breeder of Chocolate Chagoi, Yamabuki and a few Goshiki. Our aim was to come away with a Yamabuki to fulfill a customer request. A handful went in the bowl but it was clear there was only one of interest. Beautiful pale colour which will intensify with age, perfect scale formation and a very clean head. Around 65cm and Sansai. Very pleased with this and I hope our customer is too. 


One last stop of the day before we head back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Symptoms of jet lag were kicking in fiercely now. The bumpy windy roads were the only thing keeping us awake. Up to Hiroi Koi Farm we were in hunt of some of their Tateshita Tosai. We always do well out of Hiroi, many varieties selected here including Goshiki, Kohaku, Gin Rin Kohaku, Gin Rin Showa and a few other varieties. Unfortunately the water quality meant I couldn’t grab any sample photos. These will be available to select from once in the UK and through QT. 

Checking in to the hotel, a quick greasy bite to eat at the Irish bar. Then off to bed! 

A successful first day in Japan. 

Tomorrow we head to Yamamatsu Koi Farm first to checkout our azukari fish, and see what else is available. We have also planned to go to Marusei and back to Maruhiro. 

Good night. 


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