The Queni Koi Winter Event 2019 – Special Offers

One week to go to the Queni Koi Winter Event 2019!

We’re all ready to go here at the shop, fingers crossed the weather holds up better than last year!

This blog post contains more information on special offers to take advantage of as well as parking information.

On arrival to the event, please park at Cedars Academy, a short 2 minute walk away from the shop. It’s free to park here all day. The Car Park at the shop is reserved for catering staff, shop staff and our less able customers.

Please be considerate of our neighbours, do not park on the road. This could cause serious accidents.

QK Car Park.jpg

Summary of offers 

Dry Goods Offers

  • The entire Queni Koi Food Range has a big 25% off. This includes the Kenko range, Sturgeon Food, Fry Food and Treats Range.
  • The Koi Doc Treatment has a huge 25% off.
  • CSM & Both sizes of the Lotus Media have an exclusive 20% off.
  • QK Waterproof Handling Socks 25% off.
  • All of our Bonsai and Cloud Trees have 25% off (except for the large Taxus Cuspidata which has 15% off)
  • The Evolution Aqua range has 10% off (except for the Easy Pod & Nexus).
  • All other dry goods such as plumbing, Pumps, UV’s, FD Food, JPD Food, Treatments etc. all have 10% off. 
  • QK Filtration has 10% off (other than the Filtration Draw which is 20% off)

Koi For Sale Offers

  • Koi in the shop have 10% off, this includes New Koi from our Autumn 2018 Japan trip as well as current fish at the shop, sample below. (Excludes the Open Sale Koi, Maruhiro Event Fish and the “Big Girls in Pond B”).


  • Maruhiro Event Fish
    We have sourced a number of Nisai from Maruhiro especially for the event, these range from £295 to £395. These are available on a first come first served basis. Huge range of variety! This is the first time they have been available to purchase.
    Video below.


  • Big Girls in Pond B 
    Twelve Koi from Marusei that range from 80cm to 93cm. These are all available for the first time at the event, priced individually.


See you all next Sunday, the 3rd of February! 


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