The Queni Koi Winter Event 2019 – The Koi!

Welcome back to the blog and the next instalment to the Winter Event.

In this blog post, you’ll find out how to purchase the Koi and how the draw works in a bit more detail.

Here are the 86 Koi that have been entered into the Japanese Style Open Sale. All having huge savings!

One Star in no particular order.


Two Star in no particular order.


Three Star in no particular order.


Four Star in no particular order.


Five Star in no particular order.


How do you purchase the above Koi?

On arrival, please register at the front counter. You will be allocated a set of numbered counters. These numbers are unique to you.

Each Koi in the Japanese Style Open sale will be displayed in show vats. They will have a corresponding photo, along with details and price. Should you wish to purchase a particular Koi, place one of your counters in the plastic wallet attached to the photo.

In the below example three people have entered for this Koi.

After lunch, we then proceed to the draw. If you are the only person opting for said koi, you win by default. Should there be more than one counter, we will take a draw.

Using the example above there are three counters, therefore there will be three chopsticks, one is clearly marked. Each number is read out, and a chopstick is picked at random from the box. Once the marked chopstick has been chosen, we have a winning counter.


Prior to the draw, the counters will be verified to make sure there is only one counter per person/family for a certain koi. Should we find multiple counters for the same person/family, these will be withdrawn! Please play fair, this will save us and everyone at the event time!

You will be given as many tokens as you wish so you may opt for more than one Koi. We understand that you may not be able to purchase all of the Koi you have opted for, don’t worry! When the draw takes place we will start with the most expensive Koi first and work our way down the order. If you win a Koi you may then withdraw from future lots, we understand that you may not be able to afford all of the Koi you have opted for. Please approach a member of staff to withdraw your tokens.

Please make note of your number and which Koi you wish to withdraw from.

This system for the draw is the same for the Filtration draw.
Place your tokens in each of the wallets attached to the filter you want, after lunch a draw will take place exactly like the draw for the Koi. Filtration should be paid for in full and collected at the event, or delivered ASAP after the event.

Koi Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Should you win a Koi, you may take the Koi home on the day or leave the Koi at our premises till Spring free of charge. To take a Koi home on the day your pond must be at least 15 degrees and be paid for in full. If leaving the Koi with us until Spring, Koi up to £1,000.00 must be paid in full. If the Koi is over £1,000.00, a 50% deposit is required to secure the Koi.
  • Sold Koi that stay with us till Spring will be kept in their designated ponds with minimal feed, to ensure perfect water quality and health of the Koi.
  • Koi must be collected or delivered by the end of April. (Delivery is £25 per box, multiple Koi can fit in a box subject to size and quality).
  • In the extremely rare event of your Koi becoming ill or dying while in our care till Spring. We will offer a 100% credit to be spent on anything else in-store.
  • We reserve the right to allow people to purchase these koi at their full RRP prior to the event.


See you on the 3rd of February!

If you’re on Facebook, please join the event page. This is to ensure we have enough food for everyone. If you’re not on Facebook, then please email me to make your attendance known.

The following post will be the last one before the event, it’ll include other Koi that are for sale at the event, dry goods offers, and competitions.

Thank you!

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