Mid Staffs Closed Koi Show 2018

One of the larger closed Koi shows that is only open to members of the host club exhibiting their Koi. Well organised, and gaining more entries year on year.

Big congratulations to Paul Dolan.

Having selected a lovely Dainichi Kohaku earlier this year, we hoped that It would stay in good condition leading up to the show. Paul has done a great job with this Koi maintaining the wonderful skin and beni during the summer months.

Baby Champion was awarded to Paul’s Dainchi Kohaku, and also 1st in size and class, 1st in size 2 overall by default.

His Isa Tancho Showa also did particularly well, by winning 2nd in Size Overall, 1st in Size and Class.

Also a Sakai Kohaku the picked up 3rd in Size and Class


Congratulations Paul!

This marks the hatrick of Baby Champions for 2018 and Queni Koi supplied Koi. Not bad!

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