Chatter Koi Photo Show 2018

Hosted by the ChatterKoiForum their annual photo show has gone from strength to strength.  With the loss of the PKDA Virtual Show, the Chatter Koi Photo Show has really filled the gap for those people that may not want to physically take their fish to a show. It allows people from all over to enter.

Congratulations to Gary and Beth Parker for their achievements.

Kohaku – Size 2 – Baby Champion, 1st in Size and Class
Showa – Size 3 – 3rd in Size Overall, 1st in Size and Class
Goshiki – Size 3 – 1st in Size and Class
Kohaku – Size 5 – 3rd in Size and Class

Gary was also awarded Best Vat, with the 4 out of 6 fish being supplied by us.


Congratulations to Phil Sowerby

Soragoi – Size 4 – Best In Variety (Kawarimono), 1st in Size and Class

Also Phil’s Soragoi bred by Wada, also picked up the Aqua Source Award



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