Spring 2018 – Day Seven

Waking up early today we are off to Hoshikin Koi Farm. Looking forward to this since we’ve got here I am always very optimistic with finding seriously nice koi. Thankfully today was to be no different. Katsuyuki and Tomoya greeted us and got down to business, pulling the Kohaku pond up with a seine net myself and Katsuyuki-san bowled up 30 or so fish. They were all a really good size, 30 to 40cm with big bodies. Setting up a few bowls he separated Koi into their different price points. Sod’s law, and always the case my favourites were in the highest priced bowl. 


Falling in love with one in particular, it was going to be big money. Immediately I asked a price, the answer I got was exactly as expected. Bad times. Expecting the high price I wasn’t disappointed to be honest, I grabbed a quick video of it and placed it back in the pond. Hopefully in Autumn I’ll see her as Nisai to see how she has come on. Forever learning about these type of Koi and how breeders can justify the prices asked. As much as I liked it, It can be hard to see how just one fish is worth so much money to them. No doubt in Autumn I’ll understand even more why Katsuyuki rated so highly. Unfortunately Koi like this don’t come to the U.K. 

Saying good bye to the Kohaku the other bowls were still looking impressive! Placing Koi I wasn’t too keen on back in the pond I was soon down to 8 fish. With not much between them, the sex was checked one more time. Two males, which in hindsight weren’t up to the same standard as the others anyway. These were placed back and that was my Kohaku selection made. 6 in total. 


The Showa pond in the opposite fish house was a slightly different story. Tomoya and a member of staff netted the pond and as it was pulled up there must have been 100 or so koi. I found it easier to see the fish I didn’t want to the ones I did want, I wasn’t too hopeful I’d find anything in this pond. Due to space I stepped out the way and Katsuyuki bowled 40 or so koi, splitting them into different price brackets. 


While Katsuyuki-san was moving fish around I picked out a handful more. Narrowing the bowls down to 15 or so Koi, 6 were one my hit list. 1 of which was the best in the pond. Katsuyuki picked the Koi up and was about to put it back in the pond. “No no!” I said. He smiled and exclaimed it was his favourite in the pond. Thankfully he put it back in the bowl. I didn’t get the Kohaku from the last pond and I certainly wasn’t letting this Showa go. I quite literally twisted his arm to let me have it.

Selecting 6 Showa out of the last bowl, a group price was discussed for all. Finally managing to find Tosai Female Showa I was satisfied! I wouldn’t like to think what these would have cost over the road at Dainichi or down the road at Isa. The bottom left Koi was Katsyuki’s and my favourite. With the water being cloudy in the bowl, the photos and videos aren’t the best. Yet the skin quality and qualities show through. Tonnes of development to come on these Koi, their structures and body shapes are good for Showa. Sumi quality is there to be realised, and the white skin is the trademark Hoshikin white.

All of these Koi will be residing in our grow on pond at the shop for the summer. They will be for sale. Please contact prior to viewing so we can prepare the pond for netting as we won’t net them while on the food.


Finishing up at midday, a long journey was awaiting us to Okayama. Deciding to drive this time, it was a surprisingly good journey. The sat nav said 8.5 hours. Yet we managed to do it in 6.5 hours! Not too much difference than taking the bullet trains.

Arriving in Okayama at half 6, a quick freshen up and out to dinner..

Tomorrow, we start our Southern Koi hunting at Taniguchi Koi Farm.


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