Japan Spring 2018 – Day 1

Landing in Tokyo at half 8 in the morning, we navigated the airport train station and made the journey to Central Tokyo station then onto Nagaoka, Niigata. We did well and managed to get into Nagaoka for 1pm, a quick freshen up at the hotel and straight in the car we went. 

Not wanting to waste any time we went directly to the first breeder of the trip. 

The excellent breeder ******** was our first stop. Of Course I won’t say his name but of course it’s our secret Sanke man! 

We started off by having a coffee and chat about his winter season and how his Tosai were getting on. He was interested in how our Tosai from last year had performed in the U.K. Showing him a series of photos of Tosai grown on at Queni, he was really pleased that they exceeded expectations and we was impressed how they developed and grew in our U.K. water. 

Netting two of the ponds we selected through his Jumbo Tosai. Some mind blowing Sanke went in the bowl many of which he pointed out as his Tategoi. Some went back into the pond and new ones were netted up. Making our final selections we negotiated with the breeder a price for the bowl. 


Deal done and handshakes all round. 

Out of 300 or so Tosai we secured just 9 special pieces with the 10th being his Kashira (due to price we placed it back in the pond!) Beautiful Sanke all Female and 32-38cm. I feel the general quality of these are of higher class than last year, the body types in particular are very good. 

All female, 32 to 38cm, very high class. 



Saying our goodbyes we hopped in the car and drove to Nogami Koi Farm. Meeting up with Hisato Nogami he showed us a few ponds of Tosai with varying quality and sizes. Bringing a sample of Koi up to the surface in a net he quoted us a price per fish, struggling to really see any “bad” ones, a moment of madness came over us. Let’s buy the whole pond we said. To Nogamis surprise we asked him a price for the whole pond. The price was seriously attractive so we bit the bullet and gave Nogami-san the thumbs up. 

67 Koi in total, mostly Kohaku with the odd Sanke and Showa. Lovely size 1, 2 and a few size 3 Koi. The famous pink Beni that Nogami is renowned for was clearly evident in the majority of these. 

Here are all the koi Netted in the pond. Short on time and daylight hours I selected out a handful of Koi to individually photograph. These will be on the website and for sale shortly… Good consenters for Size 2 at UK Koi Shows this summer!

Twighlight Nogami Koi Farm just before heading back to the hotel.


Our trip was off to a great start. Fingers crossed we can continue the success throughout the trip! 

Tomorrow we’re heading to Aoki first thing then see what other breeders are open for business. The International Junior Show takes place this weekend so many breeders are preparing for this. 

Things to come… 

more Niigata breeders

The International Junior Koi Show

Dainichi Auction

Narita Jumbo Tosai Event 

And the South of Japan. 

Stay tuned ! 

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