Queni Koi Winter Event Part 3

At the Queni Koi Winter Event on Sunday the 21st of January we have many Koi on offer as part of our Japanese Style Open Sale which can be seen in the previous blog post. There are also many Koi that are on offer and available to purchase on a first come first served basis.

All Koi that feature on the website will receive a 10% discount. (other than the Japanese Open Sale Koi).

The following Koi receive even more discount and are available to purchase on a first come first served basis. Please seek a member of staff to assist you.

Keeping Koi until Spring is free of charge. All koi are to be paid for in full.

The following Koi are all £295.00 each and will be in Pond 11. These were typically  £395.00 to £795.00. Breeders include Hoshikin, Maruboshi, Dainichi and Maruhiro. These are 40cm to 45cm a mixture of males and females.

Please note these are on a first come first served basis. 


The Koi below is a sample from Pond 12, all Non Gosanke from Maruhiro. Exclusively for sale for the first time at this event. At the event £175.00 each, after the event £225.00 each. 35cm to 40cm. 50 to choose from.






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