Grow and Show Results!

The deadline has now passed for entrants of the Isa Showa Grow and Show 2016/2017.

In the Spring of 2016 each participant was allowed to choose one Koi from a bowl of five selected at random. Taking this Koi home they had two summer seasons to rear and grow the Koi in their pond. The competition ended in October 2017 and it has been great to hear and see about the progress of each Koi throughout the period. In this post are the final entrant comparison photos.

A great response from all of you that took part. There was only one entrant that I did not hear any news from.

Here are the two prizes to be won. One prize is for the most growth achieved, the other is award to Mitsunori Isa’s personal favourite.


A few statistics for your information.

Competition started Spring 2016
Competition ended Autumn 2017

Total Koi competing 21
Total fatalities 5
Other non-entry 5
Total final entries 11

Here are the final eleven entries.

AD 28-43cm 15+AS 31-48cm 17+CM 27-57cm 30+DR 27-36cm 9+GE 29-46cm 17+GP 28-42cm 14+RF 28-57cm 29+SG 30-48cm 18+SGE 32-50cm 18+SW 28-51cm 23+SWR 28-44cm 16+


Time to announce the winners….

Prize for the most Growth.

A huge well done to Chris Moore who cruised to victory. Starting at 27cm, this koi is now 57cm! A whopping 30cm in growth. A very well done. Also some really nice development taking place especially on the head and shoulders. The sashi of the beni on the shoulders has tightened up really well. Good work.

CM 30-57cm 27+.jpg


The Mitsunori Isa Choice Award

This award goes to the Koi that Mitsunori-san claimed to be his number one. He had a tough choice as there were three Koi in his shortlist. All developing nicely, good strong shapes and also growing well. Being pleased with the Sumi development on all three. The title clincher for this Koi that made it stand above the rest was the finishing style of the sumi, the development of the Beni and also the quality of it.

The winner. Entry Number 2, Rob Fleet !

As you can see the Sumi development is superb. Thick untainted black that is consistent throughout the Koi. The beni pattern elements have tightened up a lot also, becoming more refined and crisp.

A very well done.

RF 28-57cm 29+


We are currently in the process of arranging a Grow and Show for 2018. Keep your eyes peeled on how to enter in Spring 2018.

Thanks to everyone that took part!


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