Japan Live Day 1

Arriving first thing in the morning we miraculously managed to clear immigration, locate our luggage, exchange our rail passes and get on a train to our first destination all within an hour and a half of landing ! This can typically take nearer 3 hours sometimes more, luck was on our side. From Kansai Airport we had a two hour journey to Nagoya.


On a roll, we jumped off the train at Nagoya Station. The hustle and bustle of the city metropolis is always a sight to see. We meandered our over sized suitcases through the train station, making sure not to knock over any unsuspecting locals in the process. Our courteous Taxi Driver insisted that he would load the suitcases himself, instant regret dawned on his face.

To Narita Koi Farm we went.

Unfortunately Ryuki Narita could not be there due to him being in Niigata purchasing Koi so his Son Shuki greeted us. Various changes have been made since our last visit, numerous smaller ponds have been built and an outside space has been made into a seating/socialising area. The Narita team really do keep the place looking spotless and is finished to a very high standard.

Walking around the vast premises we saw dozens and dozens of recognisable Koi. “Poster Koi” that feature on magazine covers, calendars and the like. Show winning Koi from 35cm Beni Kikokuryu’s to 95cm Go-Sanke. Pretty much all of the ponds you look in, you recognise at least a few of the Koi.


For more info and photos of show winning Koi that Narita have handled past and present can be seen here:

Narita Show Winners

In Spring 2016 we purchased a Sakai Fish Farm Male Sanke. Conditioned and reared by Narita it went on to win 36bu Best in Size and Best UK Entrant at the International Junior Koi Show (IJKS). In 2017 it was too large for the IJKS, so it was then entered into the All Japan Koi Show and then the All Japan Young Koi Show, it managed to pick up a 2nd and 3rd place award.

Sanke when purchased

On arriving to the farm we were quite anxious as to see how it’s developed. Fingers crossed it was A Alive, and B Looking good. Walking up to the pond the water was very turbulent with the air and returning water. Yet we spotted our Sanke immediately. It really stood out and even seeing it through the ripples we had big grins on our face. Shuki and a member of staff proceeded to bowl the Koi for us. He is now 56cm, it hasn’t been grown intensely so that it could potentially be entered into another show but the skin quality, colour quality and body shape were absolutely spot on. Not all Koi are destined to get huge, some are best kept growing steadily while retaining their quality and condition. This is just that.


Over the moon with how he was looking I managed to grab a short video and a few photos. Not the best as the bowl was in the pond and the koi was very active. The quality speaks for itself.


It’s been a while since we purchased this Koi. Lets get it home and enjoy it for ourselves ! With the right care and attention, fingers crossed we’ll see it on the UK Show scene soon.

Photo below taken by the Narita Team 1 week prior.


Leaving Narita we took the train to Okayama, here we stay the next couple of nights. Next on the agenda, Sakai Fish Farm, Taniguchi, Omosako, Momotaro and possibly one more!


Dinner then back to the hotel for a good nights rest!


  1. Great to read your report and to see your superb Sanke. Now I’m looking forward eagerly to the news from Sakai et al. Have a great sleep. Malcolm

  2. Always agreed we should let them grow naturally and not pushed for growth ☺nice read look forward to the koi pics.

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