South of England Koi Show 2017

The Yagenji Gin Rin Showa continues to perform for our customer David Pope.

Having won two Young Champion awards already. A year on means he is now in a higher size class. Now in Size 5 and competing against Koi between 55cm and 65cm. A tricky situation as being a male he may lack body volume compared to it’s competition in the higher sizes.

Low and behold he was victorious once again and came away with a number of awards, the highest accolade it received was Adult Champion! Effectively the best Koi in size 5.

By default he also won, Best Gin Rin, 1st Size and Class and Best in Size 5.

A huge congratulations to David who has kept him in fantastic condition as well as growing him into the next size class.

Another congratulations for David as he also took Baby Champion! Two major awards in one show is impressive.

Baby Champion was won with a Maruboshi Kohaku selected by us in Japan earlier this year. Also Best in Size 2 and 1st in Size & Class Kohaku.

Well done !!




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