New Beginnings Part IV

Over the next 2 weeks block work continued. Completing the three largest ponds in good time. We prepped the ponds ready for fibreglassing. The next week showed real progress, it was starting to come together.

Firstly, Pond 1 of 12,000 gallons was to be fibreglassed. Pond 2 fibreglassed and also the facing brickwork was to be started on. Just as Pond 2 had been fibreglassed it was also time for the Polytunnel structure to be altered and re-sheeted. This was a huge task in itself for the guys from Northern Polytunnels. Taking them just over a week, the tunnel was altered to give us an extra 1/3 of enclosed space and then they also re-sheeted the whole tunnel. Without the roof and sides on, it was a very cold week!

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Now being back under cover, the facing bricks for the three ponds could be completed and also digging could commence for our smaller ponds.
The picture belows shows the new polytunnel in place, the soil area to the right originally was open to the elements, now it is enclosed and under cover. You can see now how much more room we now have.


Digging continued over the next few days to get the 12 smaller ponds ready for their concrete floor to be poured. These ponds range from 1,100 gallons to 1,500 gallons and will primarily be used for Tosai and Nisai. We dug small trenches along the width of the ponds, this in effect would be the base of the dividing walls for the ponds. The bottom drains were set level with the top of these blocks and we would use the blocks to level the concrete floor.


Another big day for us as we laid the concrete floors for the 12 smaller ponds. While we were doing this, Pond 3 of 8,000 gallons was being fibreglassed. Denby Koi Ponds are doing a fantastic job at fibreglassing the ponds. “Only” 15 more to fibreglass for them here in the main tunnel.

Only a week to go before our next Japan trip, hopefully by the end of the week the block work for the smaller ponds will be nearing completion.

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Everything is really taking shape now! 28,000 gallons fibreglassed, 3 ponds brick faced, 12 smaller ponds now with concrete bases. Time to crack on !

Here are a few photos showing the overall progress and some before and after photos.

Big thanks to everyone that has given us a hand so far.

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