The waiting game

It may not look like much now, but what will happen in the future ?

I believe koi should be bought with a view to learn from. Even if that means buying a relatively “finished” koi more on this another time. 

It sounds obvious but not all koi make the cut, in this instance you have still learnt from that koi. Use this as a lesson to better your choices in future. The only real way to learn is to experience it yourself.

Patience pays off.

Always try to visualise how a koi will look once developed. Not only in the pattern elements but the body, skin and colour too.

Building confidence in this hobby plays a big part. Use each Koi you buy as a stepping stone. If a particular koi doesn’t quite work out, don’t let it get you down. Turn this into a positive and use this experience to better your choice for the future.

Above shows the koi as Tosai, below is the photo from 2 years on.


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