New beginnings Part II

Many of you will have seen the koi we have currently in Japan, over 60 koi reside in what we call the Q Collection. The Q Collection was started in April 2015, and over the last 4 trips to Japan we have built up good selection of koi, that have up until now all resided in Japan. These Koi have been left in Japan for a number of reasons, to grow and develop over there and to also enter Japanese Koi Shows. The main reason though for purchasing these koi was in view of our new facility. In Spring 2017 once the ponds are ready, we’ll be shipping around 80% of the koi in our collection. A handful of koi will stay out there, and I’m sure new koi will be added to it along the way. In hindsight it has worked greatly in our favour due to the Yen vs GBP rate at the moment.

Here are a handful of koi that will be making the UK bound journey in Spring 2017.


Today marked the first day we broke the surface in terms of digging the new ponds. We started off by marking out two ponds, these ponds will contain around 6,500 gallons and will be mainly used for raising High quality Tosai and Nisai. Filtration will comprise of a QK50 drum, QK150 bio chamber, and 2 x Maxi Showers containing around 220kg of media.

With our two diggers and dumper truck we began the dig!

Tomorrow we’re aiming to have both 6,500 gallon ponds dug.



Keep an eye on our Facebook page, our Facebook group and the blog for updates on how we’re getting on.

Another update coming soon…

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing the finished project . If anyone deserves success you do with your ambitious ideas .

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