New beginnings Part I

Year on year here at Queni Koi we have taken huge steps to progress and grow as a company. In 2015 saw the addition of Mike and Marcus to the team, our first trip to Japan, a new website and continued expansion to the product range.

In 2016 we launched our own filtration range comprising of Drum Filters, Showers, Bio chambers, and more recently our new Combi units. Another big addition to our product range was the introduction of JPD Koi Food, having carried out research in Japan we felt it was an easy choice to stock the JPD range. Having both the JPD food and our own branded food we really have a the full range of any type of food you may ever want.

Koi sales this year have sky rocketed and have more than doubled the amount of koi sold this year compared to last. Our reliable overnight Koi delivery service has seen website sales dramatically increase. Reaching more and more hobbyists up and down the country, we always aim to have koi in stock at all price points. We take great pride in our website, making sure that it’s updated daily. If a koi is on our website, then it’s available! This goes for all of our dry products too.

Queni Koi Ltd is growing, and growing fast. With an increase in storage space this year we are preparing for numerous additions to the product range, including pumps, air pumps, pond plumbing and much more.

Winter 2016 and early 2017 will see us make our biggest advancement yet. A brand new koi facility and shop ! For the last 12 months we have been searching for a suitable location to create our new premises. We finally managed to secure an ideal location, and this week sees us break the ground and start digging! Here is an overview of the land seen from satellite, the large polytunnel is being extended, and a new polytunnel is being erected beside it. The large polytunnel will be our retail sales section, and the smaller polytunnel will be our quarantine centre for new arrivals.


This week we welcomed Lee Bailey to the Queni Koi team. Lee is a pond builder and pond maintenance pro by trade. Having studied Fisheries Management and keeping koi himself, we’re delighted to have him on board. Lee’s first big task will be co-ordinating our new facility build, going forward Lee will be heading our filtration installation & pond building service and much much more.

Our new koi facility will contain 27 ponds, 19 ponds open to the public, and 8 in the quarantine centre. Ponds will range from 1,100 gallons up to 11,700 gallons in size. Each pond will run on it’s own filtration system to maintain our high bio security standards.

To kit out the new ponds there will be 14 drum filters, 12 Combi units, 2 Bio Chambers and 31 Showers, over 2100kg of Shower media and 2000 litres of Micro K1.

There will be around 70,000 gallons of water in total, 42 aerated bottom drains, 184 different sized ball valves, over 600m of pipe and around 50 air pumps !


As you can see it’s a huge project, we are aiming to be open for Easter 2017. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and our blog to keep up to date on our progress.

Here are some photos of around the site. The polytunnel and area next to it will have the ponds in, the area just across the drive is where our shop will be.




Part II to follow tomorrow!


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