Superstar Gin Rin Kohaku a year on

Some of you may remember the Gin Rin Kohaku we purchased this time last year. She was 58cm and Nisai at the time. Here she is at the All Japan Young Koi Show 2016 where she received an honourable mention. Momotaro GR TM

See the blog post here:

We’re now up in the air on the plane flying home. Somewhere over Northern Russia.

We knew today was the day the 1500 tonne pond at Momotaro was to be harvested. Waiting in anticipation we were hoping she would come out the pond healthy and looking well. Thankfully for us we received photos and video relatively quickly.

We were in for a treat.

Now only Sansai, she is a gigantic 75cm.  Very impressive! We knew she was looking big when we saw her in the pond only a few days ago. But no way did we expect 17cm worth of growth in 12 months. Huge thank you to the farm for looking after her so well.

USE copy.JPG


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