Day 5 – The Koi Rollercoaster Part II

Now back at the farm, we were staring into a pond full of high class Nisai. We could tell Katsyuki-san was hesitant when we pointed out the koi we wanted to bowl. He kept very quiet for a minute or two. I’m sure you’ve guessed it, but we had some more red and white in the bowl.


We discussed the koi at length with Tomoya and Katsyuki. Finding out more about the body type, what it will look like once bigger. A few of the jumbo koi that were just harvested gave us a very good indication how this body type from Nisai onwards develops over the years. The beni type was also a key point for discussion, it was easy to see the beni was very very thick, plenty of pigment within the root of the scale. Yet the colour of the beni at this moment in time was a lot softer but more lustrous, exhibiting a very high gloss effect.

Katsyuki-san expressed how good the beni was at this point in it’s development and her age. Being only harvested a week ago, he was pleased with it’s condition. Over the next 12 to 18 months he expects the beni to become really rich, typical of Hoshikin’s Kohaku.

This koi has been added to our Q Collection and isn’t currently for sale. We hope, Hoshikin included. She’ll be ready for a Japanese Koi show in years to come. One of my personal favourite koi in our collection.

Thank you to Katsyuki for allowing us to purchase her.




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