Hiroi Azukari

Pretty much a year ago to this day we selected a stunning Gin Rin Sanke from Hiroi Koi Farm. We left it in the care of Hiroi Koi Farm and she spent a summer vacation in the mud pond. Here she is last October at 56cm and Sansai.

Gin Rin Sanke Azukari 3


Now Yonsai, we were hoping for her to be in the low 60’s. Hiroi expressed how well this particular mud pond performed this year and when we saw her. They were right! Now 65cm as Yonsai, with a real body on her. We should be shipping this koi back in Spring 2017, all she needs now is the sumi to really complete the package. More underlying sumi has appeared since last year which is easier to make out in the video below. So it is looking promising. The water in this pond is still above 20c, so over winter we can expect more development to take place.

Big thank you to the Hiroi brothers for raising her so well. Arigatou gozaimasu!



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