Day 4 – Yagenji Power

Moving on from Yamamatsu. The rain then started to pour down in the mountains. We headed straight to Yagenji, knowing full well we’d be spending time inside and buying koi! So we took refuge in the care of the Yagenji brothers away from the miserable rain. The great thing about Yagenji is that the water clarity in the ponds is so good. Lighting levels was fairly dark due to the rain clouds, so seeing koi in their ponds was really quite easy to pick out. Sitting by the ponds with a coffee in hand is certainly relaxing.

Numerous koi saw the bowl, numerous koi went back into the ponds. After discussions, a handful were moved to the sold ponds…

Kicking off our Yagenji selections were 3 exceptional Showa’s. All Sansai and Female. 2 of these will be coming back to the UK. One will stay as Azukari and could be a seriously interesting koi. Powerful body shape and exceptional qualities. All 3 of these certainly have an excellent future, mammoth bodies and superb sumi quality. All around the 60cm mark.

This koi is our Azukari Koi. Staying with the Yagenji brothers for a year.


These two are coming back to the UK this Autumn. Unfortunately I could not get a photo of one of them. She didn’t want to settle down so I grabbed a quick video and released her back to the pond.


Some of you may remember from this year the Yagenji Gin Rin Showa we supplied that won Young Champion at the BKKS National Koi Show, and the South of England Koi Show. Well, another Gin Rin Showa was certainly on the list of must buys for this trip, and given the confidence we have in Yagenji’s Gin Rin Showa’s it would be silly not to try and find one.

We drove between the two main koi houses a few times, hunting for “The One”. Many of the ponds at breeders have hefty wooden planks laid across the ponds. The planks are used as walkways to different ponds and they also act as viewing platforms. Given the size of these pieces of wood, sometimes koi can hide away from prying eyes. Especially if the stocking of the pond is high, it can be a nightmare trying to see each individual koi properly.

Out of the corner, tucked right out of view. A flash of Gin Rin.

There she was. That koi we had been searching for. Sexed as female. A serious bonus.

She is between 50- 55cm, Sansai and quite exceptional !! Very very pleased with this koi, super sumi quality that isn’t hindered by the Gin Rin. Excellent consistent Gin Rin throughout, and an overall very balanced koi.

Here she is in all her glory.


Checking off our shopping list our next target was an Ai Goromo. Very good Ai Goromo are few and far between. To buy them at a stage in their development that will suit our UK waters is always a tricky one. Colour is also important when selecting Ai Goromo as a lot can turn Budo Goromo quickly. This one from Yagenji is Sansai and around 52cm. Very very high quality with a lot of potential. The shiroji is beautifully thick, body shape very good, and an attractive pattern. The complete package.


One more koi from Yagenji made it’s way into the bowl. This time a Yondan Kohaku, Sansai and nearer 65cm, maybe more. Excuse the poor photo. Yagenji produce top quality koi, but getting a good photo in their koi house can be troublesome sometimes, especially with a koi that can hardly turn around in the bowl.


All in all a very good shopping trip to the Yagenji brothers. By the time we had finished here, the sun was shining on the mountains and we went onto our next destination.

More to follow from another busy day in the mecca of koi.

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