Day 4 – Hidden Diamonds

An early start to Day 4 saw us making our way up into the mountains to attend a Sansai Male harvest at Marujyu. Marujyu Koi Farm is truly a family affair. It seemed every family member attended the harvest and helped out in some way shape or form.

Here are a few photos from the harvest. One member of our party had 2 Azukari koi here. Both had done exceptionally well in the mud pond. Really impressive to see the body shapes on these koi. The mud pond itself was really quite large, 4 meters deep and had around 40 koi in it.

On leaving Marujyu we visited Oyaji Koi Farm, Oyaji farm breed a number of varieties but is Japan’s number one breeder when it comes to Gin Matsuba. If you’re after a Gin Matsuba then you won’t go wrong here !! Along with Gin Matsuba, he breeds exceptional Kohaku. He uses a very old bloodline named Tomoin. The Tomoin lineage goes back a long long time, and is also where the birth of the rich Hoshikin beni type we see today.

We selected through a pond of Nisai Kohaku, we picked out 4 Kohaku and 1 rather nice Tancho Kohaku. All really nice koi with a quite unbelievable price for the quality of them.

Next on the farms to visit is Tanaka Koi Farm, situated over looking a small valley opening between the hills.


Here we dipped a net into a pond full of Nisai, vast varieties in this pond but the Gin Rin Asagi’s were extremely nice. Beautifully different and really stood out. Great bodies on these and superb Gin Rin. Individual photos seemed a bit pointless due to the fact they’re all very similar!! Once back in the UK i’ll photograph them up close, so differences can be recognised from koi to koi.

Next up, Sakai Yamamatsu. On our first day we scouted out some koi here but the water was terribly murky and we struggled to really see the koi. So we booked an appointment to come back today. This time the clarity was a lot better and we could really select the top koi from the pond, rather than netting the whole pond. A lovely mixed variety pond with some really nice examples. We selected 4 Nisai here. We were hoping to select more but on closer inspection we thought we’d better to stick to the best ones for the money and just buy the one box. Sorry for the short video, one koi decided to take a leap of faith. Thankfully it jumped straight back into the pond!

Gin Rin Shiro, Gin Rin Showa, Gin Rin Hi Utsuri and a Showa around the 40cm mark.


Day 4 continues in the next post. I’m not too sure how we cram all of this in a day!


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