Day 3 -Doitsu Madness

Hide Hirasawa, head staff of Isa Koi Farm runs and owns a farm by the name of Maruhide. Maruhide is well known for Doitsu varieties in particular, Doitsu Kohaku and Doitsu Sanke.   Hide-san allowed us to go to his koi house without him and select from a Nisai pond. After our selection at Isa, they all rushed out for another mud pond harvest. Finding time to spend with breeders really can be tricky this time of year, as they are all harvesting mud ponds daily.

We selected 5 very nice Doitsu Kohaku, mixture of male and female, 42-46cm roughly! All for  very attractive price. We did have a lack of equipment for measuring the koi in the house. Doing individual photographs of each koi proved impossible.


Following Maruhide, we made our way to Hiroi Koi Farm. If you don’t know by now, Hiroi Koi Farm are undoubtedly the masters of Doitsugoi and Gin Rin. Here we caught up with the two Hiroi Brothers that run the farm together. It’s rare you don’t see these two working side by side, helping one another out. Here we caught up with our Azukari koi, Gin Rin Sanke, now Yonsai. Keep an eye out for a blog post over the next few days, compiling updates on most of our Azukari koi. So for that, you’ll have to wait!


We bowled numerous koi from the Nisai ponds and struck a deal on a handful of koi. Extremely top class Female Doitsu Showa, and then some unsexed Doitsu Sanke & Doitsu Showa. Not all of the koi selected were photographed as we were running short on time, once back in the UK they’ll be photographed and videoed properly.


Somehow it was only around midday , Isa done, Hiroi done, we decided it was now time for lunch! Katsu Curry it is, yum!!

We pretty much inhaled lunch and darted back to the breeders. Choguro Koi Farm is always a sight worth seeing. Seeing pond after pond, after pond, full of Platinum Ogon’s. Is quite a sight! In recent years he has started to breed a few other varieties, but his Ogon’s are very special. We selected from a pond and bought five, female nisai, Platinum Ogon, mixture of Gin Rin and normal scaled. All have great lustre, and excellent colour. Seriously stand out koi!




Day 3 continued in a bit…

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