The Twilight Kujaku

We said our goodbyes to Murata-san & co and drove 15 minutes down the road to Takahashi. The Koide area has such stunning countryside, being situated in the heart of the Koide region, Takahashi Koi farm has a wonderful backdrop. Here is a photo I took of the koi houses at Takahashi last Spring.


It won’t be long till the area is covered in snow again. Here is how Takahashi looks as of today. As you can see a wonderful surrounding.


The sun was getting very low in the sky, and daylight hours were soon to be gone. On hunting around the koi houses. There was one koi that really stood out. We kept looking at other ponds, but were constantly drawn back to this one koi. Everything about this koi said BUY ME! We knew it wasn’t going to be cheap by any means.

Thankfully we made the decision to bowl it and to see it properly with slightly better light, than being down in a dark pond.

An absolute corker of an Inazuma Kujaku! Female, Sansai and around 63cm. Even though the sun was just about to set, the lustre and colour of this koi was really something special. Agreeing on price with Takahashi-san we shook hands and quickly prepared the bowls for getting a photo. Within 10 minutes it was dark outside. I just managed to photo it. Phew!


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