Dreaming of Murata Kohaku

Following our visit to Kobayashi, we made our way to Murata Koi Farm. A very welcoming reception by Murata-san, his wife, and daughters. We were discussing with him how he felt his harvests have faired this year. He has been very impressed with the results achieved, so much so he kept saying how large our two koi have become! He knew exactly what to say that’s for sure, the excitement and anticipation got a bit too much for us. So we hastily finished our coffee and jumped in the car to the koi house where he was keeping our koi.

These koi were purchased in Spring, the Maruten was 44cm, the one with the richer beni type was 47cm. Now Nisai they have grown to 58-59cm. This size is remarkable, considering most good quality Nisai in Niigata are harvested around the 40-45cm. To reach nearly 60cm at this age is exceptional.


These two koi had only been recently harvested, the condition of them was excellent. Murata-san sees these two koi having a very very bright future. This will certainly be one of the highlights of the trip.

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