Ups and downs. Day 1 

As we board our flight to Japan we see photos on social media from Nogami’s Number 1 mud pond harvest.

Harvested from the pond was our Yonsai Kohaku selected at the Dream koi exhibition at the All Japan Koi Show 2016.

A huge thank you to Mark Gardner of and Ricky Stoddart of for the photos included in this thread.

See an in detail post about the harvest by Mark here : Nogami Harvest
In the next few days we’ll be back to Nogami to see all four of our azukari koi, to get updated photos and sizes.

Courtesy of Mark Gardner
Courtesy of Mark Gardner
Courtesy of Ricky Stoddart
Courtesy of Ricky Stoddart
Courtesy of Ricky Stoddart

Fast forward a few hours on the plane, we arrive in Tokyo. On arrival we are greeted by an airline member of staff, this doesn’t mean good news! One piece of luggage has decided to arrive on a later flight. Brilliant, it was the bag with all the  camera gear and clothes for myself! A few painful minutes filling forms for the lost baggage, getting lost in translation, we have been advised we’ll have it in two days time !

I would apologise for the lack of photos over the next day or two, but we can only blame the airline on this occasion.
Onwards we go, Narita Express Train to Tokyo, then the Shinkansen Bullet to Nagaoka.

Currently sat on the train to Nagaoka thinking what clothes items I need to buy !!

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