Day 1 continued…

A quick check in at the hotel, we headed straight to “Koi Country”. On the way up to Yamakoshi village we popped into Marudo, here we caught up with Marudo’s Daughter. On talking with her we found out our now Gosai Sanke is soon to be harvested, and that tomorrow there is a Nisai Kohaku harvest taking place. Tomorrow we’ll head straight to their koi house and see if there are any Nisai of interest, I’m sure there will be!! 

Moving on to Isa’s top Sansai koi house, we gazed into a pond full of absolute power houses. Dozens of top quality Showa here, a serious pond that would be hard to beat. Again, a Nisai harvest tomorrow so we’ll make sure we attend and see what monsters come out the mud pond. 

Further into the hills we go and a stop off at Yagenji, a number of koi in the bowl and our first purchases of the trip made! By this time it was dark outside and light was poor, tomorrow we should have a set of photos and video. Serious koi at Yagenji of all varieties and always a pleasure visiting the brothers. Hospitality in full flow. One koi selected here will be staying in the care of Yagenji. 

Now it was seriously dark outside, making our way back to Nagaoka for some dinner. We noticed the lights were on at Otsuka. Otsuka is known for a wide range of variety, from Kage Shiro Utsuri, to Chagoi to Asagi. Here we found a serious gem, when I say gem. A huge gem!! We’re back in the morning to bowl some koi with the breeder, some absolute crackers here. Fingers crossed we’ll strike a deal tomorrow. 

That’s all for now folks, dinner is calling! 

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