The countdown begins !



Just 12 days to go till we head to Japan and begin our Autumn koi hunting! This Autumn we’ll be focusing on sourcing 2 year old koi and upwards, as always we’ll be visiting Niigata breeders such as Izumiya, Marudo, Kazuto, Dainichi, Hoshikin, Hosakai, Murata and many many more. The second half of our trip will be focusing on visiting farms further West such as Momotaro, Omosako, Sakai Fish Farm, Okawa and Ueno. To break up our journey we’ll of course be visiting Narita Koi Farm where we hope to attain more show quality koi, and also koi for the UK market.

Once again I have opened up the request book, please feel free to contact us with koi requests. Type of koi, budget, as much detail as possible. We’ll do our best !

Email your requests to

As you can imagine with only 12 days to go we are very excited! Up until we leave I’ll be doing daily posts about koi we have in Japan. Fingers crossed they have had a good summer out in the mud ponds. Some of these koi you may have seen on our website or Facebook, some you won’t recognise !

To kick it off here is our Sansai Kohaku from Nogami Koi farm based in Niigata. Nogami is world famous for his Kohaku. This is 1 of 4 we have currently residing with him.

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