BKKS National Koi Show 2016

Queni Koi would like to congratulate David Pope on winning Young Champion with a Gin Rin Showa supplied by us, bred by Yagenji Koi Farm.

At the national this koi beat 141 other koi to get the Young Champion award, it was also awarded the BKKS Yorkshire Section Friendship Award,

First Kokugyo Size 4 (all varieties) – 73 other koi
First Sakura Size 4 (non-go sanke) – 39 other koi
Best in Class (all sizes)  – 16 other koi
First in Class Size 4 – 1 other koi

A very good haul of awards, all for one koi!

This koi has managed 2 Young Champion awards this year.




See a video here of all the major winners from the show here:

Video of the champions of the 2016 BKKS National Koi Show

Thanks to Mark Gardner for his coverage of the show.

Another well done to Cliff Beckett, Mark Stirzaker, Lee Cresswell and others that won awards with koi from us.

Roll on next year!!



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