The Power of JPD Food

In this post we’ll look at the different types of JPD Food we will be stocking.


For the Summer months Shori Koi Food should be the number one choice. The highest protein level in the range of 45% made up of high quality white fish meal, krill and shrimp. It is enriched with Vitamin C and E, which promotes spectacular white skin and excellent body conformation. The specially formulated probiotics help to reduce waste, and improve the intestinal tract of the koi, allowing the koi to maximise the protein uptake.


Shori is a very very good growth food, it is also a fantastic colour enhancer. It contains 16.00 mg/kg of Astaxanthin which makes the colours on the koi bold and vibrant. This is very important when growing koi as colour can often suffer as the skin and scales stretch. The colour enhancer maintains colour while growing.

Analysis: Protein 45.0% / Fat 8.0% / Fiber 2.5% / Ash 8.5% / Phosphate 1.0% / Calcium 1.5% / Sodium 0.4% / Astaxanthin 16.0 mg/kg / Vitamin A 25,000 IU/mg / D3 2,800 IU/mg / Vitamin E 200 mg/kg / Vitamin C 300 mg/kg

The two koi below we purchased from Murata Koi Farm in April. These koi are Tosai and 9 months old, 44cm and 47cm respectively. These have been fed solely on JPD Shori koi food. Not only have these koi grown immensely, but the colour is outstanding, the gloss to the skin is easy to see, and the white ground is brilliant white. The body conformation is perfect at this age. These two koi are very special, and we do have Shori partly to thank for that !



Fuyufuji is JPD’s “All Weather” food, this means it is best suited for cooler months, but it is also suitable for warmer weather. Being wheatgerm based it is easily digestible. It is rich in natural vitamin E and Ω-6 and Ω-3 fatty acids all of which are essential to keep koi healthy. With added Vitamin C is can drastically improve the white skin, help battle disease and lower stress levels while boosting the immune system of the koi.

Analysis: Protein 36.0% / Fat 7.0% / Fiber 2.5% / Ash 7.1% / Phosphate 0.9% / Calcium 1.3% / Sodium 0.3% / Vitamin A 25,000 IU/mg / D3 2,000 IU/mg / Vitamin E 200 mg/kg / Vitamin C 300 mg/kg

Medicarp Colour Enhancer 

This food is purely for colour enhancing, it can be fed as a sole diet, or
mixed in with another type of food. It is low in Protein, but Medicarp Colhigh in Astaxanthin and Vitamin C/E. The low protein levels enable the koi to maximise it’s utilisation of the Astaxanthin and Vitamin C/E. So although the food is not designed to make the koi grow, the Astaxanthin and Vitamin C/E enhance the various colours on the koi, as well as creating brilliant white areas. Vitamin C & E together boosts the immune system, fights disease and increases metabolism. This food is perfect for preparing your koi before entering koi shows.

Analysis: Protein 36.0% / Fat 7.0% / Fiber 2.1% / Ash 8.4% / Phosphate 1.2% / Calcium 1.4% / Sodium 0.2% / Vitamin E 200 mg/kg / Vitamin C 300 mg/kg

Medicarp (Health diet)

Medicarp contained “Alphamune” this includes seaweed, Lactoferrin, ß-glucan and Torua yeast cell wall which is an immune system stimulant. This speeds up the natural response time of the koi’s immune system. Fighting off disease and pathogens quickly and efficiently. Keeping your koi in tip top condition, strong and healthy. This food is perfect for when you are quarantining new koi, when you have moved fish, re-introduction of fish to your pond from a koi show etc. Medicarp H
Medicarp can be fed all year round and is a great supplement to the other foods in the range. This particular food contains vegetable plankton (Hemanthoccous), this is a naturally found colour enhancer which promotes vivid colours and snow white skin. Fed throughout the year it will maintain the colours of your koi.

Analysis: Protein 37.0% / Fat 4.0% / Fiber 3.00% / Ash 10.00% /

To finish off the series of posts. Here are a few of thousands show winning koi that are fed solely on the JPD food range.

Next time you see a stunning koi that is in Japan, chances are that koi is being fed on a JPD food!

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