International Junior Koi Show success

This years International Junior Koi Show (IJKS) was to be our most successful Japanese koi show to date. This time we had only entered the one koi.

The awards won were the 36bu champion, making this Sanke the best koi in that size class out of all of the varieties which is a major award and a great achievement, especially considering it was in the biggest size class allowed at the show.

The second award was for Best UK Entry yet another prestigious prize.



So far in 2016 we have entered koi into all three of Japan’s largest shows; the All Japan Koi Show, All Japan Young Koi Show and the International Junior koi show. Many of the fish in the Q Collection are still yet to make their debut, fingers crossed there will be many more awards to come in future.

The video below shows the Sakai Sanke, when it was purchased from Narita Koi Farm and at the show.



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