Japan Day Six

An early start in Nagoya, we headed straight to Aichi to visit Narita Koi Farm. It is always a pleasure to visit Narita Koi Farm. At this weekends All Japan Koi Show Narita has entered over 30% of the total koi to the show. This is huge feat and just goes to show the level of koi that can be found at Narita’s.

We spent most of the day here, viewing fish that are coming up in the upcoming auctions. Seeing the Grand Champion pond, many famous fish from over the years residing here. So many recognisable fish I really lost count of how many I saw. Grand Champion winners, Kokugyo winners, Sakura winners, Male Kokugyo winners. It’s no wonder the farm is also known as “No.1”.



Narita Koi Farm has the highest quality of bio-security going. Before new fish arrive, ponds are stripped, scrubbed and disinfected to avoid any cross contamination. The amount of work that goes into this farm makes it the best!

Ryuki Narita took us out for lunch, he insisted on driving so we hopped in his “transformer-esque” brand new Alphard Vellfire. Awesome vehicle!

We do have our eyes on a particular koi here, it will be entering one of Naritas events in the near future so hopefully we’ll manage to get our hands on it !


Watch this space.

After Narita’s we caught a train down to Okayama where we spent the night. Tomorrow, Taniguchi and then the All Japan Young Koi Show !



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