Japan Day Seven – AJYKS

Today we visited the All Japan Young Koi Show,

Here we had a number of koi entered, smaller Kondo Tosai, Momotaro Gin Rin Kohaku, Momotaro Tancho Kohaku, Sekiguchi Showa, Minuma Gin Rin Goshiki, Hiroi Sanke, Kazuto Goshiki, Hiroi Gin Rin Kohaku and a few others! Keep an eye out on the blog and Facebook of our results over the next coming days.

The show itself is quite a spectacle, over 1400 entered into the show. Hundreds of vats for the koi. Set on the coast in the city Kure, a really beautiful setting with palm trees and surrounding hills.

This years Grand Champion was awarded to a Sakai Fish Farm Kohaku. This koi was purchased as Tosai from a Narita Koi Farm event 2 years ago.

This was our first time visiting a major Japanese koi show. The organisation, the people behind it, the koi, the setting. It really was a special weekend. Spending time in the office, there were thousands of pieces of paper, photos of each koi, and many staff on hand to make sure the show ran smoothly.

At the show there is a “Dream Koi Exhibition”, the Shinkokai members in Japan, dealers and breeders must bring koi to the exhibition. These koi are for sale and you have to be quick to strike a deal with the breeder as with thousands of people through the entrance gate, koi are sold very quickly.

We managed to secure this Isa Showa, 60cm, Male and Sansai. This koi although male has a phenomenal body shape, larger than most females for it’s age and size! Supreme beni and sums quality. I really impressive koi. This koi will be coming back to the U.K. soon. Very excited to have this koi back.

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