Japan Day Three – Part I

An action packed day was in store for us today. Ticking off more updates on our Azukari koi, as well as selecting koi to bring back to the UK.

Our morning started by visiting Nogami Koi Farm, here we have three koi that were selected back in Autumn. Nogami specialises in Kohaku, and also produces some excellent Showa. Multiple award winning koi can be seen swimming around here, along with huge jumbo G0-Sanke. Nogami Koi Farm has an excellent reputation in Japan and everyone has utmost respect for him. Here are updated photos of our Azukari koi. Currently in the UK we have over 40 Nogami Kohaku/Showa Tosai that are £195.00 or £325.00.

Along with our three azukari koi, we bowled a superb Sansai. Simply breathtaking. We duly added this koi to the collection and is right up in the rankings! This koi really has everything. Picture perfect.


Following a cracking start to the morning, we didn’t let the tempo drop. Onto Marudo Koi Farm where we had previously made an appointment. Although we had initially came here for some higher quality Sanke, Marudo-san was keen to show us his Kohaku. Thirteen koi were picked and it’s safe to say that these have bags of potential. All with killer patterns, superb sumi quality, and great bodies. We had them all! Six Kohaku and seven Sanke. These are all guaranteed female and come with certificates. They are all between 30-34cm, Marudo-san expects them to be around 35-38cm by the time shipping comes in just over a months time.

More to follow in Part II


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