Japan First Day

Landed this morning at Narita Tokyo Airport, made our way on the Narita Express to Tokyo Central then on the bullet train up to Nagaoka arriving around 3pm.

We dumped the bags in our rooms and off we went!

First stop was Kazuto’s Tosai house, various ponds of different quality. Due to it being a bit late in the day to net anything we have arranged an appointment first thing tomorrow morning to get a closer look at any potential purchases. As usual lots of great Kohaku, Sanke and Showa on offer.
Close-by is Marudo Koi Farm, famous world over for his Sanke. Last year we selected 6 very high quality Tosai plus two koi that have stayed on the farm as asukari. Again, we have arranged an appointment to select some high quality pieces, of mainly Sanke plus a possible a Kohaku or two. Marudo-San is confident that we will find a handful of koi to enter into the upcoming koi shows here in Japan.

While we were there we managed to see our two Azukari koi. A Yonsai female Sanke 70cm+, along with our smaller Male Sanke both purchased last Autumn. The male will be attending the Wakagoi next week. Both in great condition and have both improved to another level. Didn’t manage to capture a photo of the male due to water clarity but here is the Female.

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