Debut AJKS 2016

The results are now in for the All Japan Koi Show 2016, as our first show we have been very pleased with the results. Three out of the five koi we entered received awards which was a nice surprise!

With over 1700 koi entered into the show it’s great to know our koi are up there with the best in the world.

First up our Gin Rin Kohaku from Hiroi Farm handled by Narita. This placed 1st in the 50 bu class. Interestingly this koi was competing against both male and female koi in it’s class, so it must have really stood out!

The Kazuto Goshiki gained an honourable mention, along with our Marudo Male Sanke. At the All Japan Koi show there are prizes given for first place and runner-up. Thereafter, the judges may award an “honourable mention” should the koi deserve such a title. A Goshiki in the 60bu class that our Goshiki was competing against went on to win the 60bu Sakura award, Sakura awards are given to the best Non Go-Sanke in each size division.

The next show on the horizon is the Wakagoi AKA The All Japan Young Koi Show, this show, as it sounds is for “younger” koi, more precisely koi that are under 63cm. Fingers crossed the koi entered into the All Japan Koi show will be exhibited again, along with a few others. Exciting times lay ahead!


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