All Japan Koi Show 2016

The most prestigious koi show on earth is only a couple of weeks away.

The 30th and 31st of January marks the 47th All Japan Koi show weekend, for us at Queni Koi it will be the first time our koi will be attendance. We have numerous koi in Japan that are worthy show koi, be it now or for the future. The upcoming All Japan koi show we will be entering five of our koi, the Union Jack flag will certainly be well represented by Queni Koi and we hope to do our supporters proud.

Being our first All Japan Show there is great anticipation and excitement for us. The koi we have entered are part of our Q Collection found here:

Currently we have over 30 koi in Japan, 6 of these are in the care of Narita Koi Farm. Narita-san and his team specialise in growing and the conditioning of koi for shows. Out of the 1781 koi entered at this years All Japan koi show, 404 of them are in Narita’s care! Thats over 20%!

The Maruten Sanke and Gin Rin Kohaku are from Hiroi Koi Farm, these were selected on our last Japan trip. The Showa is from Sekiguchi Koi Farm, this koi was part of Narita’s event “R’s Collection”, this was purchased with one other Sekiguchi Showa that will hopefully make an appearance at the Wakagoi Koi show later in the year. A very special Male Sanke from Marudo is also in the line up selected on our recent Japan trip.

Last but not least is our Goshiki from Kazuto, this koi a few months ago made the journey from Niigata to Narita Koi Farm, to continue it’s development and also be conditioned for koi shows.

AzKaz02 Autumn 2015 copy

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