Sekiguchi Flavour!

This morning there was huge excitement in the Queni Koi camp.
Today marked the start of the annual Narita Koi Farm event “R’s Collection”.
Prior to the event, Narita publishes a catalogue named “R’s Collection”. This catalogue contains a selection of very high quality koi. Of which the majority will be entered into the upcoming All Japan Koi Show, and/or the All Japan Young Koi Show. Ryuki Narita of Narita Koi Farm spends a great deal of time and effort all year round, searching Japan from Kyushu Island up to Niigata for koi to be presented in his R’s Collection.
During the event, the koi are exhibited in show vats for potential buyers to get a closer look. People come from around the world in order to view these koi, and with a bit of luck, purchase them!
With Japan being 9 hours ahead, waking up this morning we would find out if we had managed to secure the koi we were after.
Luck was on our side and we secured two beautiful Showas from Sekiguchi Koi Farm! The perfect result. The quality of these is simply stunning. The most exceptional skin quality, top class sumi and beni quality, topped off with inspiring patterns.
These will stay in Narita’s care for the foreseeable future. All being well, these will be entered into next years koi shows.


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