New Winter Mix!

Winter is definitely here, with ponds all over the country dropping in temperature our koi start to spend more time towards the bottom of the pond and become less active.

In a healthy pond Koi will continue to hunt for food throughout winter, however they may not be as active towards the surface of the pond. Naturally Koi are bottom feeders yet we prefer to see them feeding from the surface.

Our new Winter Mix, consisting of floating wheatgerm and sinking food enables us to feed the koi throughout the winter months. We believe that sinking food is very beneficial for the koi at all times of the year, especially in winter.

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Over the last few months we have been trialling this feed in one of our ponds. In this pond there are koi of varying sizes. When feeding floating food, larger female koi tend to eat the majority of the food before the smaller koi even find their first pellet . Our new Winter Mix enables all of the koi to feed from varying heights within the water column. By allowing the koi to feed at different levels in the pond, this also reduces the chances of the koi damaging themselves when feeding.

As an introductory offer we are offering 10% off the RRP on both 3kg and 9kg sizes!

3kg –  Offer price £18.50    (RRP £20.95)
9kg – Offer price £48.95    (RRP £54.50)


NB: The 9kg size comes as 3 x 3 kg buckets, saving you money, and keeping the food fresh for longer.


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