Momotaro Magic Part II

Following on from my previous post, here is part II.

Last week we managed to catch a glimpse of our two koi residing in Momotaro’s 1500 ton pond (330,000 gallons). However, we were a little bit too early to see them being harvested. We spent numerous times walking around the pond, trying to see the koi close up, but due to the sheer size of the pond the koi were always a bit too far away to see.

From what we did see, it was clear they were both monsters in the deep. The body shapes had improved immensely and both koi really stood out in the pond.

Up next, our Showa!

Absolutely jaw dropping. So pleased to see this and how it’s done over the last 6 months. The body mass has really increased, while retaining the perfect body line. In recent years Momotaro have really raised the bar for the Showa variety. The Oyagoi of this Showa sadly passed away this year, but Momotaro certainly have more weapons in their arsenal for producing top class Showa’s. The beni and sumi quality ring true, following the same traits of the parent Red Tiger, superb depth and gloss to the beni, with excellent lustre to the sumi.

In October 2014 at 1 yr 4 months old it was 58cm.
April 2015 at 1 yr 10 months old it was 62cm
November 2015 at 2 yrs 5 months old it is now 69cm

Both of these koi will continue to be fed throughout winter, so come Spring, an extra cm would be lovely! Very exciting prospect, that just keeps on improving.

Daisuke-san of Momotaro Koi Farm, said that out of 120 koi in that pond. This was in his top 2 !!

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