Momotaro Magic Part I

More a less a year ago we managed to get our hands on two stunning koi from Momotaro Koi farm.

Both of these koi were placed in the famous 1500 ton pond at Momotaro to continue their development.

To begin with, a stunning Sanke that oozes quality. This koi is going from strength to strength. The beni and sumi quality is very special. Back in April 2015 this was 59cm at Nisai. Now in November 2015 after being harvested, it is 67cm and a very young Sansai. This koi is certainly going in the right direction we are very pleased with it’s development so far. Throughout winter it will continue to be fed, so it should break through the 70cm barrier shortly!

To be continued in Part II…

Pictures below are from April 2015.

Video is from November 2015.

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